Bandstand, Roger Williams Park Zoo RI

Another photograph from a fruitful outing in Roger Williams Park Zoo in quaint Rhode Island. I had no idea what the heck this structure was, but some judicious use of Google has turned up that it’s a Bandstand. A pretty ornate bandstand, if you ask me! And if it enhances your enjoyment, know that I was probably stepping in goose poop while I was framing this shot.

2 notes from a technical standpoint. My 30 day free trial of Topaz Adjust ran out, so I am proud to announce that I purchased a copy. Use coupon code STUCKINCUSTOMS ala the fantastic Trey Ratcliffe to save 10% on this fantastic piece of software. I think I’m done with Lucis, which was a much more expensive piece of software. The second tech note, is that upon checking this image at work, it actually looks like it did on my monitor at home. GREAT SUCCESS! This means my monitor profile was worth the hassle. My monitor still bites, but atleast I can work on it now 🙂 This will probably also be the last image stamped with 2009 on it, I guess. Great now I’ve got to redesign my watermark!

Happy New Year!

EF-S 10-20mm f/3.5-4.5 USM @ 22mm
ISO400, f/14 at 1/320 sec exposure


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