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Well I’m new to this blog thing, but I figured I should get a portfolio of some sort going, and this was the easiest way to do it. The more hassle the less likely I am to keep it updated, right?

I first got my hands on Photoshop quite some time ago. My dad bought a computer from someone at his work, and it came with Photoshop 2.5. I only know this because I remember getting 3 from a teacher shortly after it came out and being bewildered by the newest addition… “layers”! So according to Wikipedia’s release history of Photoshop I started teaching myself the program atleast 15 years ago.  From the addition of layers and editable text, to a fully 64 bit open GL optimized Photoshop, I’ve been keeping up with it all.

As for formal education, I majored in New Media at Emerson College in Boston. I graduated with a minor in Photography as well. I feel I’ve been growing the most since I got my DSLR. Wet darkroom trips got old to me really fast. It was very odd to learn about something in a dark room and finally understand something in Photoshop completely. For example I always used to confuse the terms dodging and burning. After actually doing it in a dark room, this will never happen again!  I’ve never performed an unsharp mask, but I hear that’s another one!

My current artisitc fascination is HDR. Being able to re-create what the human eye sees in a truer form than the traditional photograph is an amazing ability to be given. Combined with some photoshop knowledge and elbow grease, the resulting images are truly wondrous. I use lots of masks to blend many layers of image together. I encourage all HDR artists to learn how to mask!

I appreciate any and all comments about my photography. Be sure to check back often, I intend to keep this going as often as I can!

Inquiries into purchasing prints are very welcome. Email  clamroll “at” gmail.com for details.

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