Corridor, Ronald Reagan Building, Washington DC

When I was taking this picture, I obsessed over trying to square up all the angles, as I usually do. I was ultimately unsatisfied with my burst of shots from this position, as no matter what I did, the damn lights didn’t align nicely. I was sure this photo just wasn’t meant to be. But then, one day I was looking through my wordpress search engine terms (i.e. things that people typed into google or bing when they clicked through to this site) and I saw that if you bing “Ronald Reagan Building” I’m one of the top results. Pretty nifty. I wanted to see what else came up, and I was browsing through some photographs that others had made at this most interesting building.

I guess there are a number of outside corridors that look just like this (I saw 4 I think, there’s probably more). Every photograph I saw, the lights were all over the place. I guess the architect and builders spent all their time on that crazy dome inside. Having my confidence renewed, I pulled this image into photoshop and began working it over. No matter what line I pick to straighten this from, I can’t get it right. Again, this is probably chalked up to uneven stones, so before anyone cries foul about “rotate and fix in photoshop” I challenge you to shoot this shot and get it straighter!!

Geometric stymies aside, I’m actually quite happy with this image. It works well as a 4:5 ratio print as well, trimming some off some of the bottom, although I’m showing off the full image.

EF-S 10-20mm f/3.5-4.5 USM @ 22mm
ISO400, f/5 at 1/40 sec exposure


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