Back to the Front – Civil War Memorial

Civil War Memorial, Washington DC

Directly to the east of the White House is the Treasury Building (expect a picture). A little ways in front of the Treasury is a rather interesting Memorial to the Civil War. I got a number of pictures of the Memorial itself, so don’t be surprised if I upload a pic or two of it later.

The monument had two levels to it. The upper portion had inscriptions, and the lower level had some awesome statues of soldiers in uniform.  It was 5:30 (thank you camera timestamps!) and being as how the monument was technically on Pennsylvania Ave, it was time to go. A very boisterous policeman told everyone the park was closing, and as I turned to leave, I spied this shot of the Washington Monument.

This is a layering job, with some slightly HDR enhanced areas, but mostly just lots of  good old fashioned photoshop layering exposure goodness. I really like the depth I caught in this. Not only does the statue seem to pop out, but the Monument in the distance really gives depth to the background.

EF-S10-20mm f/3.5-4.5 USM @ 13mm
ISO200, f/7.1 at 1/160 sec exposure


One Response to “Back to the Front – Civil War Memorial”

  1. I live in DC and had no idea this monument even existed. How sad! Love your pictures.

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