Church Door Detail

We return today to the Castle-like Church in Bethlehem New Hampshire. Something about the doors on this place just captivated me. Maybe it was the crazy lanterns, or just the general aged look of the wood.

Before I took this into CS4 and started playing with Lucis, I decided to take a trip down alternative lane and took 3 exposures of this into Photomatix. I couldn’t get anything I liked, so I stuck with my normal approach. After some layering, masking, a slight crop to remove a shadow from the very right, and some quick levels adjustments I have an image I like.

Similarly to the shot of the back door, Lucis amplified the blue tones in the stones. I accented it a little further and got some great pop from the stone. I might even put up some full res detail shots from this guy, as I’m really pleased with it.

Shot @ ISO 200 f/8 at 1/160 Sec

Rebel XTi Using EF 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5 II USM @ 35mm


4 Responses to “Church Door Detail”

  1. Nice shot. I can imagine all the years and years worth of people who have walked through those doors.

  2. nice work, there could be some interesting details between the wooden door and its surrounding stones.

  3. nice one, i would correct the pic in photoshop, to straighten the lines a bit, it seems that you stood slightly to the left of the door ..

  4. Great photo.. nice HDR effects – like the softness of this one. Good luck.

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