Forest Waterfall

I’ve got another forest image for everyone today! I kinda have two actually, as I’m re-upping an earlier image. While going back to watermark this guy I saw that I had left a very crucial layer to invisible! It’s now in full color, not washed out so go back and enjoy it properly!

This image was taken on our last day in wonderful New Hampshire. This one’s further down “The Basin” from my previous Forest Cascade. I wasn’t so happy with this image as it was fairly noisy. Many of my photos from the Basin were plagued by not enough light, narrow depth of field, and other nightmares. This was one of a few taken at F11, so my focus was good from front to back. Some chromatic aberration problems (mostly that they were accentuated by the HDR process)… but once I finished… I think I like this photo quite a bit. Just don’t think I’ll be blowing it up too big. Should be good for 8×12’s 🙂

I almost cropped this to a 4×5 format to get rid of some of the sky and the water at the very bottom. I think it’d work in the cropped size, but the more I look at it now, I’m glad I didn’t crop it.


5 Responses to “Forest Waterfall”

  1. I’m glad you didn’t crop it; it’s just too luscious to carve down to a smaller size.

  2. I’m with planetcity. Cropping this photo should be a crime! Wow – seems surreal. Just lovely…


  3. I love the photo the way it is – it needs to be long to get the feel of the streaming water cascading off my screen!

  4. Lovely image. Shows me that I have a long way to go with my own HDR images. This really is quite wonderful

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