Church Front

Another image from the Summer 09 trip to Bethlehem NH. There were a few crazy old churches along the road, most of them looking like old castles. I loved the doors on this building, so expect to see more of them. The building was showing its age in a number of ways, and it was just begging to be photographed.

This is about three exposures from the same RAW, lucis’d for texture and pop, then layerd and blended in photoshop.

I’m really qutie pleased with how the HDR treated the stain glass windows, doors, and the lights by the door. A hassle free print here, which is always pleasant!


7 Responses to “Church Front”

  1. Nice work! There is something about Churches that really bring out the best in HDR. Check my site again, I’m about to post a better shot. Where was this shot taken?

    It was taken in Bethlehem NH. I believe it was along route 2, just past the center of town. ~Andy

  2. woh!! thats amazing…. i just love the details…

  3. The detail of texture is amazing, so surreal for me.

  4. Love the detail. Feels like I should be able to reach out and touch the stonework. The sky looks great as well. Did you try any images angling off to the side just a bit in addition to the straight on, frontal view? Just curious.
    I have a few others of this Church. I’ve uploaded one, I’ve got at least one more view to do, if not 2 🙂 ~Andy

  5. amen!!! wow!

  6. nice photo…., Eva

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