Sunset Tree Fields

Now that I’ve put some of my old work up, I’ll drop some new work! How new? This one is a mere few days out of photoshop, and about a week old in general! As such I’m still a little uneasy with it as an image, but it’s nice eye candy at any rate.

Lynne and I returned to Bethlehem NH on vacation last week. While the weather wasn’t great, we made the best of it. Our first day there, it rained off and on all day. At sunset, we went out for dinner, and I drove us to the top of a nearby Christmas tree farm.

It was my first shoot on the vacation, and all of my sunset photos that day were taken with JPGs instead of raws accidentally. I have some contempt for it as such, but I think I worked it out quite nicely nonetheless, thanks to some bracketed exposures. They were handheld, but surprisingly easy to blend together thanks to CS4’s advancements in layer aligning tech 🙂


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