Storm Stacks

I picked up a 28-105 EF USM lens last summer on the cheap (the benefits of working at a camera shop!) and went out shooting. There’s a wonderful paper mill in Franklin on Dean St. that I would go by every evening after dropping off the daily deposit at Dean Bank. This was my first handheld HDR from multiple raws (which made photoshopping a pain). I’ve since gotten better at shooting without the aide of a tripod, thank God.

A while after making it, I found some dynamite brushes. I  used them to give this photograph a sloppy border, further adding to the decaying feel of the image.  While I don’t think this is one of my best shots, it’s an example of something I’ve always wanted to do. Back in my college History of Photography class I saw photos from an artist who would take a razor blade and bleach to his negatives before printing them. The end result was a very distressed, aged looking photograph who’s true age was hard to tell. Coupled with the fact that he liked to portrait perverts, cross dressers, and the macabre, he had some hauntingly creepy photos. I liked his process (though I’ll be damned if I can remember his name) but never had the stones to tear at my negatives when I shot film.


One Response to “Storm Stacks”

  1. This is so interesting…the brushes and the effects. You are right, I’ll have to go behind the building one day.

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