Clouds Over Stony Brook

Shortly after getting my DSLR, I went on a photo safari with my dad and my brother.  While they were trying to get a picture of a HUGE swan (seriously, it was bigger than me) I snapped this shot. The cloud cover was perfect, and I didn’t even notice the bird in the middle until afterwards. Taken with a circular polarizer, I really didn’t have to play with color much in photoshop. My original print of this was VERY dark on the sides, but I’ve since revisited this and lightened the leaves.

This was taken in the Stony Brook Audobon Preserve, in Norfolk MA.


3 Responses to “Clouds Over Stony Brook”

  1. I still don’t see the bird!!! A swan as bigger than a human? C’mon…I want to see that picture, too! Then photoshop it into this one and you’ll have the best of both worlds. Oh, heresy.

    • lol Pat you’re crazy! The swan was off the the left of the photo, he didn’t make it into any of mine. I swear if I curled up into a ball, that swan would have been about my size!!

  2. One of my all time favorite places at Stoneybrook to take a few shots of. Beautiful work! Wanna do my wedding pics? 🙂

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