A Forest Cascade

Another “hot off the press” image, but this one I’m very pleased with.  It was taken at the Basin, in Franconia Notch State Park in friendly New Hampshire. Nestled amongst miles of trails into the woods was a large stretch of stone with a runoff of the Pemigewasset river. It zig zags down to a waterfall and continues into the forest. It was formed over 15,000 years ago during glacial melting. It was pretty impressive at any rate!

It was a case of handheld auto-exposure bracketing gone very right! Raw files were bright, naturally colorful, and crisp.  It made the HDR process and blending afterwards a breeze.  I went for a more stylized look than a hyper real look. I should also mention how much I love my 10-22 lens.

It should be noted that this is the full frame, and I intend to print this isn a 4:5 ratio (8×10’s, 16×20 etc) to trim off some of the bottom.


5 Responses to “A Forest Cascade”

  1. Absolutely beautiful photo!!!

  2. What an amazing photo. I am from the west coast and have never seen anything like this. Absolutely beautiful!!!

    • Thanks! This shot doesn’t even do the place justice, I took a bunch more here, I’m sure this won’t be the last image of the Basin I’ll be uploading 🙂 Better check back hehe

  3. I like the way that I am just pulled into this image. The rocks, the trees, the mountains, the sky – its just a natural progression. Lovely image, Andy.

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